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Our Mission 

The purpose of Not Our Blueprint Girls Int. is to encourage young women in our community; to follow the unique plan that God has specifically designed for them, and desires to implement into their lives. NOT OUR BLUEPRINT Girls Int. is committed to assisting in transforming the lives of women both domestically and abroad. We believe that such a metamorphosis requires moving beyond their current circumstances and towards internal changes that accept, celebrate, support, and infuse God’s Plan into our lives and those hearts we touch.

The Mission of The Girl Vault is to be a safe space for girls to grow into the women God has called them to be. We are committed to being a positive force in changing the status quo as it pertains to the outlook on girls and women from both an internal and external standpoint. We aspire to help women of all ages develop, cultivate, and continuously honor the standards and goals they have set for themselves rather than the expectations of society.

Our girls are blooming where God has planted them, cultivating the world that surrounds them, and transforming the hearts and lives they touch. 

The Girl Vault 

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The Girl Vault is a faith-based young women’s etiquette and mentor-ship program that serves elementary, middle, and high school students. Our key areas of development are Social Etiquette Training, Education & Professional Development, Global Outreach & Community Involvement, and Spiritual Introduction, Dedication & Growth. As we focus on these four areas the program is designed to teach and promote sisterhood, team-building, and other critical skills that will assist them in future endeavors. These skills are taught through formal class instruction, small group workshops, competitions, individual mentorship, community service, field studies, and mission trips.

Our Mission

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